Insulated Prefab Backyard Studios

Coast Studios fills a gap in the small prefab backyard studio industry by offering historical, architectural design elements while still allowing individual touches. All of our backyard office sheds are made to order to your individual specifications, colors, and layout. We apply the historical flair and our efficient prefabrication methods.

Our Prefabrication Process

Not to be confused with Modular and Mobile, Coast Studios uses a panelized system designed and built to engineered specifications using only the highest-quality building materials. Our prefab backyard studio floors, walls, and roofs are pre-framed in a dry and controlled production facility.

With one of our backyard office kits, you’ll enjoy a unique design that gives you the extra space you’ve been looking for, whether you need somewhere to get work done or just want a place for the kids to play. Contact our team for more information about our prefabrication backyard studio designs and the customization features we currently offer.


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Benefits of Panelization

• Less waste in production because of efficient computer design

• Built in a dry and controlled production facility minimizing warping & moisture content

• Delivered in a covered trailer to the job site. No big trucks or LTL carriers in your neighborhood

• Time of installation is reduced by 1/3 on average with the use of panels

• Reduced time on site and site disturbance

• Panels are small enough for 2 strong people to carry to any remote location allowing maximum site plan flexibility

• Stronger than traditional construction because of the design of the panel breaks

• The well thought out framing is determined in the design phases, not like old school on-site framing


Coast Studios Brings You

• Historical Architectural Design elements

• Fully customizable elements:

+ Colors

+ Windows & Door Sizes: Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, and Fiberglass

• Prefab panelized systems for floor, walls, and roof systems

• Quality built in a dry and controlled production facility, less waste and dry construction

• Installation on site completed within days of starting

• Shipping all over the United States

• Delivery service to the build location by our installation team throughout the West Coast. Our team member will see the build from delivery to handing over the keys.

• All parts are pre-painted and protected during shipping

• Nationwide Permit and Engineering

• Only the highest quality building materials and finishes