Jun 26, 2019

Top 4 Benefits of Traditional Saltbox Style Inspired Backyard Offices

Here are the benefits of building a backyard office with a traditional saltbox style.

Posted by: Coast Studios

traditional saltbox styleOver the last few years, home additions have proved to be some of the strategic ways of increasing the value of the property. Some of the common home additions include swimming pools and decks among others. However, a backyard studio is becoming a popular home addition in the last few years because it is incorporating traditional saltbox style and other benefits. Here are the benefits of building a backyard office with a traditional saltbox style.

1. Utility

The utility of a small prefab backyard studio cannot be underestimated. There are different ways that the facility can be used, which increase its overall utility in the entire property. You can use it as a place to sit down and handle some serious issues without disturbances. It is a refuge place that does not have clutter and other family members making noise so you can take refuge here without problems.

2. Value

The primary purpose of home additions is to increase the aesthetic beauty of the property, but they go further to increase the value of the home. When you walk around and see structures that have the traditional saltbox style, you will admire the property. You can sell your property at a higher value because you have a prefab backyard studio that has played a vital role in enhancing the value of the property. When using your property as leverage for loans, you can be guaranteed of a large loan and quick processing as well.

3. Revenue Stream

Many homeowners don't know this, but you can use your backyard office shed as a source of revenue. You can rent it, and you can be sure that there will be a large number of people interested in renting your backyard office. If you are entrepreneurial enough, you can come up with marketing techniques that can help you create some revenue flow from your backyard structure.

4. Affordable

You can quickly get an affordable backyard studio with some few dollars only. The traditional saltbox style does not require colossal construction materials. Moreover, the construction process will take a short period, and you will start earning immediately. This is a modest investment that every homeowner should be considering.

However, backyard office and shade may only take a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 800 cubic feet of space. However, many regions around the country require a permit for an outdoor structure and as such; you need licensed and experienced contractors to deal with permits.