Jan 14, 2020

The Perks of Installing a Backyard Studio

If you have a backyard, but currently aren’t utilizing it for anything, it’s time to consider what a backyard studio or office could do for you.

Posted by: Coast Studios

If you have a backyard, but currently aren’t utilizing it for anything, it’s time to consider what a backyard studio or office could do for you. Depending on how much space you have, installing a fully prefabricated studio is easy, and often times the company you order from will do all the heavy lifting for you! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in taking advantage of, keep reading to learn all of the perks.


Insulated prefab backyard studio kits are one of the smartest things you can install in your backyard. With easy and quick installation you can seamlessly add additional living space to your property and give your home even more value. Prefab studios are created off-site and then shipped and installed with the structure mostly intact. This cuts construction time down to almost nothing, meaning you don’t have to worry about weeks of noisy building on your property. Furthermore, insulated structures like this will cost nearly 30% less to cool and heat, when compared to other structures with subpar insulation. This means that you can utilize the space — affordably — no matter the season.

The Top Perks of Backyard Studio Kits

Backyard studio kits can come with some pretty significant perks. A couple of the most significant include:

Additional Office Space

A backyard studio can easily be turned into a backyard office. Perfect for those who work from home, moving your office space outside helps create a distinction between your home and work life. This can help you stay focused and increase your productivity overall. Additionally, if your home currently lacks a designated office space, a backyard office gives you a place to store all of your important materials, far away from the kitchen table (and sneaky kids with crayons).

An Extra Bedroom

Backyard studio kits can also be used to create an extra sleeping space for guests that you might otherwise have trouble housing. Not only is this a creative and fun way to have guests stay the night, but it can give them a private space to make their own. Overall, if your guests have grown used to sleeping on the couch, this is one way to make their visit ultimately more comfortable.

Rental Space

For homeowners looking to cash in on their new backyard studio, renting the space to travelers is also an option. By listing the space as an Airbnb, you can stand to make a bit of extra cash and meet new and interesting people while doing so! Alternatively, if you don’t want to rent the space to strangers and have older kids who want to move back home, you could always rent the studio to them instead!

Adding Value to Your Home

Overall, backyard studio kits allow you to create extra living space on your property, a sure-fire way to boost both value and appeal. If you ever decide to move in the future, this addition not only has the potential to net you additional money, but it may even help you sell your property faster, as buyers will be very interested in the addition.


Backyard studios can serve a lot of purposes, from offices to living areas, workshops or rental spaces, the choice is yours when you install one of these prefabs. If your backyard is currently going unused, consider the perks of backyard studio kits and speak with a designer today to get started on your own unique studio.