Jan 9, 2020

Why Prefab Construction is Gaining Ground in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution describes the current stage of industrialization, where varying technologies begin to merge

Posted by: Coast Studios

The fourth industrial revolution describes the current stage of industrialization, where varying technologies begin to merge. It is the first time when we can combine AI, robotics, blockchain, communication systems, to enhance processes.

The current industrial revolution has generated a lot of excitement. It is expected to pave the way for transformational changes in the way we live. Prefabricated construction with panels is one of the trends that has also made a comeback during this stage of global development. In this article, we’ll look at why this type of construction is set to play a key role in the near future.


Today, more people are opting to work from home. It is estimated that 5.2% or 8 million American workers were telecommuting in 2017. The rise in the number of people willing to work remotely has been attributed to flexible work environments. Also, the reliability and speed of internet connectivity have been crucial in improving communications.

For people who need a private and quiet space to work, a detached prefab studio can offer the quiet and tranquility you need. It can be particularly helpful for those people who have families and need time away from the distractions while working.

A prefab backyard studio is less complex to build than conventional buildings. That makes it more convenient for people who want to set up an office at home without going through the hassles. It is also affordable and less intrusive.

Computerized Process for Faster Construction

The assembly and integration of prefab backyard studios are done off-site. A digital system cuts the panels to attain high levels of precision. The assembly and integration of the building take place in a controlled construction facility.

When you order a backyard studio kit, the builders will bring all the necessary materials to the site. Because the cutting and assembly take place in a facility, there is virtually no waste. The prefab process will minimize site disturbance, and there is little risk that your garden or lawn will be affected by the construction activities.

Additionally, the panels are built in such a way that they can be carried by two people. That means there are few limitations as to where you can store the materials when on the site. It allows for maximum site plan flexibility making it less stressful for the client.

Green and Sustainable

For a long time, the emphasis of prefab construction has been on cost and time reduction. However, there are many sustainability benefits you can get.

Precision: Prefab studio kits are made in the facility using digital processes. The high level of precision reduces waste and cuts down on errors.

Off-Site construction: The assembly is done in a controlled environment inside a facility, which is in contrast to conventional methods where preparation of materials is done on-site. Cutting, polishing, and painting on the construction site increase the risk of environmental pollution.

Use of Renewable Materials: In the fourth industrial revolution, there is a preference for alternative building materials that are green and sustainable. The materials are also relatively inexpensive, making it possible to build an affordable backyard studio.

Unique Designs

Conventional processes are not only time consuming, but the techniques often have limitations. With prefabrication, even a backyard office shed has to be planned to adhere to architectural drawings.

The computerized system can give more accurate metrics. That means you can test and examine the construction virtually. It is simpler for the manufacturer to come up with unique designs that would be difficult to attain with conventional building processes. For your prefab backyard studio, you can choose from a wide range of designs from American Craftsman Style to saltbox prefab studio kits.

In Conclusion

The 4th industrial revolution is set to transform our lives in virtually every way. The prefab method of construction for example that of a prefab backyard studio has many benefits that are complementary to the principles and philosophies of this industrial revolution. From mitigating environmental degradation to facilitating telecommuting, prefab studios are undoubtedly going to have a significant impact on the future of building and construction.