Modern Backyard Studios

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An Innovative Approach


Modern or Modernist architecture is based upon new and innovative technologies of construction. The idea that form should follow function which in turn creates a minimalistic structure. Every part of the Modern backyard studio design has its purpose, and every purpose solves a problem. We’ve designed sleek lines and use a cutting-edge modern style siding. 6’ tall windows are placed in the corners to allow full view of the outside and natural light into the structure but are small enough to offer privacy from different vantage points. There’s lots of room for furniture along the walls. The walk-up offers an extended front porch area that allows shade, privacy, or harbor from rain while entering the structure. We’ve accented this area with a vibrant color on Cedar that extends all the way to the front face. Our Modern backyard studio kit design incorporates simplistic design elements with a modern twist. We add an accent of rich wood color that helps soften the overall exterior look of the studio. 

We use an engineered support beam as a welcoming accent to your studio. This ties the outside and inside wood together. We offer choices between Cedar or Pine, tongue and groove or shiplap, and 6” or 4” spacing on the vaulted ceiling finish.

To obtain the proper rain screen system, we offer an exterior trip that is a natural-colored extruded aluminum. Our backyard studio kit has cement board sliding and can be customized to your exact specifications. We can also easily mix siding, which allows you to save money on sides that are not visible. We ensure that all of our Modern studios meet the stringent code requirements for energy standards.

What Comes Standard for Modern


Our studios come with premier foundation. With a 24” x 24” x 6” Concrete footing, with #4 rebar, with 12”x12”x8” pier block set in concrete, adjustable pier saddle, you’ll feel the luxurious quality of our studio’s makeup.

Floor System

Pressure Treated 4x10 DF perimeter beams with Simpson hangers, 2x6 floor joists with R-21 insulation, 3/8” pressure treated plywood bottom skin, ¾” ACX plywood subfloor. Fully panelized construction.

Wall System

2x4 premium DF wall studs, 15/32” OSB sheathing, R-13 insulation, Pre-drilled electrical holes @18”, and fully panelized construction offer premier quality.

Roof System

2x6 premium DF joists, ½” Plywood sheathing, R-30 Rigid Ply-iso insulation, Fully panelized construction, 1x8 Pre-primed Cedar fascia. The insulation and plywood we include in your kit is top-notch and makes the final product both energy-efficient and beautiful.


12” Standing seam, hidden fastener roofing with upper and lower trims, Choice of color, painted screws to match.


A studio isn’t complete without siding to keep it looking sharp and structurally together. Our smooth Fiber cement siding with aluminum trim strips between, and Stained Cedar 1x6 T&G in porch overhang area will modernize your backyard studio.

Doors & Windows

Vinyl Windows/Doors, Black, Double Pane, Argon Filled, Keyed (If applicable), Stainless hardware. 60” Sliding glass door, Painted, stainless hardware, Stainless steel lock set with deadbolt, Outswing. Safety glass is provided upon request.

Interior Finishes

Sheetrock, smooth finish Level 3, Sheetrock wrap into all window and door openings. Ceiling, 1x6 Shiplap Pine Tongue and Groove (T&G) are designed to match the outside porch area.

Permit Drawings & Engineering

Our Modern backyard studio kits are pre-engineered to your specifications. If you require a permit drawing and a stamped engineer for your jurisdiction, please let us know. Our professional engineers understand how to communicate with the appropriate departments about our prefabrication process. Engineering regulations on the West Coast are consistent, but rules differ in the Midwest and on the East Coast. That’s why we examine our projects and treat them as individual jobs. The cost of your permittable drawing and engineering package is based on the size of the studio and the type of drawing you require.


We offer countless options that you can incorporate into your custom backyard studio kit. We carry various door and window configurations, and our kits can also come with heated floors, siding, and insulation of your choosing, and an upgraded energy and structural package. Please contact us for a full list of optional upgrades.

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