Saltbox Style Small Backyard Studio 

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Traditional With A Twist

The traditional saltbox style backyard studio has its origins in the New England area. A true saltbox studio roof has an extended roof that slopes back and down and a shorter roof sloping down and to the front. They had just one story in the rear, and two stories in the front. The flat front of the small backyard studio allows us to add double windows on each side of the entry door. The windows are stacked, contain grills within, and are symmetrical from side to side. We build our beautiful saltbox studios for customers throughout the West Coast; however, we also ship our saltbox prefab studio kits throughout the United States. 

The design of our small backyard studio incorporates several designs within it. This saltbox studio has a split roof at the gable, as well as setting windows. The windows placed in the split area provide more natural light to the studio’s inside space. The front side of the saltbox studio offers additional natural light coming in from the vaulted ceiling area.

We use engineered wood support beans to create a dramatic accent. You have the option of either a Cedar or Pine ceiling finish, a tongue and groove or shiplap, or 6” or 4” spacing on the vaulted ceiling.

All of the exterior trim is pre-primed Cedar 5/4” thick. This type of trim provides longevity, a proper look, and full support. You also have the option to use natural wood during the construction of your small backyard studio. We’ll design and build according to your specifications.

We design our buildings us to maximize energy efficiency. Our saltbox style backyard studio keeps the heat out and your bills low. This design creates a healthy environment to work, or play.

All of our windows and doors meet stringent code requirements for energy standards. You also have the option to choose the color or paint you’d like. Our French doors come in both 5’ and 6’. We also have 3’ full glass doors available upon request. The reason they are painted is to offer a classy accent to the walk-up façade.


What Comes Standard for Saltbox


We have several foundation options, including 24” x 24” x 6” Concrete footing, with a #4 rebar or with 12” x 12” x 8” pier block set in concrete, and an adjustable pier saddle.

Floor System

The standard flooring system comes with a Pressure Treated 4x10 DF perimeter beam and Simpson hangers, 2x6 floor joists with R-21 insulation, 3/8” pressure treated plywood bottom skin, and ¾” ACX plywood subfloor.  These flooring systems are fully panelized.

Wall System

2x4 premium DF wall studs, 15/32” OSB sheathing, R-13 insulation, Pre-drilled electrical holes @18”, and a fully panelized construction.

Roof system

We understand that the roofing system that your studio has is just as important as everything else that comes in your prefab studio kit. Some of the features of our roofing system include 2x6 premium DF joists, ½” Plywood sheathing, R-30 Rigid Ply-iso insulation, Fully panelized construction, and a 1x8 Pre-primed Cedar fascia


12” Standing seam, hidden fastener roofing with upper and lower trims. You also have a choice for which color you’d like for your roof and painted screws.


Our siding includes fiber cement siding with 5/4” Pre-Primed Cedar corners and window/door trim, a 3” over doors and windows, and 3” for sides and sill

Doors & Windows

Vinyl Windows/Doors, White, Double Pane, Argon Filled, Keyed (If applicable), Stainless hardware, and Grills within windows. 60” French style door or 110” Vinyl sliding door, stainless hardware, Stainless steel lock set with deadbolt, Outswing. Safety glass is provided as needed.

Interior Finishes

Sheetrock, smooth finish Level 3, 1x square trim around windows and doors. Ceiling, 1x6 Shiplap Pine Tongue and Groove (T&G) clear finish.

Permit Drawings & Engineering

Your small backyard studio will be pre-engineered and build according to your specifications. If you require permit drawings and a stamped engineer for your jurisdiction, we can provide that to you. Our staff of drafters are familiar with those procedures and will easily be able to communicate our prefabrication process to any building department that requires us to do so. It is known that engineering on the west coast is standard; however, the Mid-West and East Coast treat engineering differently. Thus, the procedure we take varies on a case-by-case basis. The cost of the permittable drawing and engineering package depends on the size of the studio you want, and the type of drawing you request us to create.


We offer a variety of customizable options within our saltbox prefab studio kits. With countless color options and styles to choose from, we know you’ll love how it turns out. You can also request heated floors, the insulation type you prefer, upgrades to your energy and structural package, and more. Contact us for a list of optional saltbox studio upgrades.

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